When the Teslas Come Back to Capistrano...

Went down to San Juan Capistrano for lunch yesterday at an old favorite Mexican joint which also happened to be the location of a Tesla Supercharger station. Surprisingly my opinion of the restaurant has changed dramatically over the six years since I was last there, and I actually prefer the tacos at my current favorite Mexican restaurant back home in STL. I mistakenly ordered three, thinking that they were reasonable in size like in STL, but they were absolutely massive, and the burritos even more so (was that a tortilla or a parachute?) Dad ordered just one, and I ate two of the three I ordered, and then nothing for the rest of the day. The flavor wasn’t all that great and my hands were covered in grease. And the one I took home? A congealed mess lacking in flavor that I just couldn’t eat.

Tonight’s dinner made up for yesterday’s lunch. It was my parent’s anniversary so we went out for sushi and sashimi. Light, flavorful and no guilt, unlike yesterday. No eel by itself, but it worked nicely with crab and avocado in that particular roll. It’s been some time since I’ve had good sushi. I remember a great place in West LA I went to a few times 16 years ago, but I don’t have the kind of income that can support $120/person dinners anymore and thus I will probably never go back. 


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