When the used car dealer is clearly trying to kill your wallet

Hey, oppo it’s been awhile, hope everyone is doing well.

I don’t have much going on today so I thought I would stop in to do some oppo’ing and share these pictures of the beginnings of my dream garage all conveniently located at the same dealership. A dealership that I have to drive past every day, to go pretty much everywhere.

A couple of months ago I drove by and noticed the silver with red interior LT4 C4. I stopped and checked it out one day and the interior is pretty thrashed and the price was a little high so I could ignore it pretty easily.


Next came the orange C10, which I also stopped to check out, according to the window sticker it is “freshly restored” I don’t remember how long ago it said it was restored, but I kind of questioned that based on the condition of the paint. There is nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t look as new as it claimed and it was also over priced so again I could ignore it.

Mrs. Blackcar and I drove by past last night and now they have added the white GMT400 Silverado. We stopped by to check it out and it is really clean (or night time with a cell phone flashlight clean), but it has quite a few miles and seems over priced too.


Mrs. blackcar’s reaction was pretty funny when she realized we have owned all 3 of these models in the past.

Yes, they all seem overpriced, the LT4 needs work, I don’t have room for all of them, and Mrs. blackcar will probably murder me, twice, if I seriously bring up getting all 3 of them.


Those silly facts didn’t stop me from spending half the night last night trying to decide if the dealer would take my IS350 and Lincoln in a straight trade for them.

Again I hope everyone is doing well, we are good, my plan to get A’s in all my classes, except math this semester seems like it is going to work out and Mrs. blackcar is enjoying her job.

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