Below is a beautiful 1950 Siata Daina Coupe.

Looks beautiful.

The company started in 1926 making and tuning cars, notably Fiats.

20 of these Daina Coupes were made and only six are believed to exist now.

Very Lancia Aurelia B20-esque.

Lancia Aurelia B20 and Siata Daina coupe



Then we come to the dials.

Look at that beautiful speedo and amp meter.


The water and oil gauge.

Fuel gauge and not sure of the last one, rev meter maybe and the distance gauge (I want to say milometer but is it kilometer if it’s in kilometres?)


Nevermind, lets look closer at the fuel gauge,


Why is it not 0-2/4-4/4 or 0-1/2-1? WHY?????