When to sand using circular motions, and when in a single direction?

Just a quick question Oppo. I’m gonna refresh my hubcaps on the Twingo next week and paint them (Gold or black - thoughts?) and I’ve been checking out some tutorials. Sometimes I see people sanding in circular motions and sometimes in a single (or two-way) direction, like in the picture. Which one is correct for what application?

Is it true that you sand circular when it’s plastic and one way when it’s metal or alumin(i)um? Or do you decide based on the context - if you’re applying primer on the surface later or not, etc.?


Thank you for the advice

- Sandy from Zagreb


Btw in the near future I’ll get rid of the hubcaps and paint the steelies a dark gold or copper or rose-gold kind of color. But until then I want to just do a quick temporary makeover.

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