When will everyone realize this?

But first, Make Oppo Prisma again.

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When will policymakers, and the rest of the general public, realize that they’re caging themselves in with every dumb national security decision? We’re giving in to our fears, creating scapegoats, and turning to strongmen whose idea of safety and security involves taking freedoms away.

Don’t they see the fact that this is precisely what the enemy wants? They do not want to cage us in; they want to see us shackle ourselves, put constantly under scrutiny, guilty until proven innocent. It’s the perfect breeding ground for more terror, because doubt arises as to whether or not the next person in line is a mass murderer or a crook or a fraud, leaving actually evil people to do work sight unseen.


Terrorists have successfully tapped and exploited basic natural animalistic tendencies, and pointed it to non-threats. The reactionary measures governments use are precisely what terrorists want, because they’re driven by a fear of the unknown, and a fear that the enemy can be literally anyone and anywhere, so they must be ratted out at all costs.

To be clear, these are natural fears. It’s natural to be wary of actual threats to public safety. But every single move towards absolute security is a step into our own prisons, too. We’re shooting ourselves into a work. Their work, sure, but our fears made us participate. And now we’re on the brink of locking ourselves up, defenseless against an enemy that revels in our fears and amplifies it.


The only way to defeat terrorism is to never be terrorized. Feel fear, but do not back away in terror.

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