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When working on in-laws vehicles.

Simple brake job. Rears were grinding. And I found out why... probably.Drivers side went fine. No issues.

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So, that boot there, the squishy one that the slide pin goes against... it wasn’t seated when I removed it, so gunk got in the caliper bracket, where the slide pin goes. The smaller rubber piece was , uhh swollen? Where it wouldn’t go into the bracket on the pin like it should. I had to insert it into the bracket then jam the pin in and when I pulled the pin out, it was catywampus. So I sent my sister in-law to O really’s to get a new set. $20 later new pin set and new rubbers. Clean the bracket, lube the new pin and rubber and it slides in (as it should). So many oppo-rtunities for jokes....

Neighbor dropped off some beer as I’ve  been supplying when he hangs out.

A little bit of satire for the next person, but it’ll probably rust before then, so I recorded it so save it forever. 


and then slap it all together.

And I know something in the front is fucked up because they had the tires rotated recently.

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I am going to text with that tire image shortly. The dude seems to think that every shop takes advantage of his wife because woman and she thinks they all want their money. I mentioned that sometimes shit gets fucked and it cost money to fix it. It needs an alignment or something. Hopefully they get the message.


2008 Honda Odyssey with 6 more months of payments left.

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