When Worlds Collide

Or rather, YouTube car shows. No, not Roadkill and MightyCarMods..... RCR AND THEAFICIONAUTO!

I could have sworn someone posted up the RCR video yesterday (searching kinja sucks) but here that is:

I really like what theAFICIONAUTO is doing, I hope they get more recognition. No one else seems to love and care for movie cars, and present them in the way that they do.  


Hell, I hadn’t even heard of Defiance until I saw that they bought the car used in the show.... well, one of them, seeing as there was two in the lot they picked it up from. I can only assume that was a stunt car and stripped to bits, and not for sale... not that I would absolutely LOVE driving around in not only a screen used prop car, but one that looks as BADASSED as this does. Not at ALL.

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