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My wife and I always use a car service for weekend activities because drinking etc... Saturday night I scheduled a driver to take us to our friends Halloween party. He arrived, we hopped in and instantly noticed the smell of low quality marijuana combined with a lower quality cigar. My wife and I had a brief chuckle about it and the driver pulled off.


He started chatting with us, and out of the clear blue he started mentioning that he was a super star athlete in high school, got recruited in to a good college and then it didn’t work out.... I thought to myself, “damn this guy sure is running his mouth a lot for someone who just smoked a blunt.” Then he mentioned that he had been to rehab for painkillers, but has been sober for two years.

I congratulated him and mentioned that I had a few friends that went through a similar scenario, but only one who actually got clean. The car was quiet for a minute and I’m thinking, “man the way he is talking really reminds me of how my friends used to talk when they were trying to convince me they were sober when no one accused them of being not sober.” I could see his eyes get “tired” the less we talked so I kept on coming up with things to say.


I looked over at my wife to see if she was getting the same notion as I, she was... She lost her best childhood friend to a drug overdose a few years ago, so neither of us are strangers to the kind of behavior exhibited by those under the influence of an opiate. Luckily this was a short ride and all of this came to fruition close to our destination. He drove perfectly, although he missed the last turn.

We got out, he took off and my wife immediately says, “guess who’s not off the pain meds?” I agreed and exclaimed, “here we are trying to do the right thing and not drive after having a drink or two, and our driver is juiced up on xyz.”


First bad experience on a ride sharing service, luckily on return ride was the exact opposite experience. The driver had a Pathfinder Armada, which in contrast to the outside are really nice on the inside. He had water bottles for us, the car was super clean, and he didn’t say a word the whole way home, perfect!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, also happy Halloween!

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