What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Help me out brothers and sisters of oppo, Im really sad.

That feeling when your engine is performing poor, and everything seems OK but its not. No engine codes, have tested lots of things (which are fine) replaced faulty stuff and still the thing behaves poorly :(


Bought a 4dr/manual Integra with a blown engine.

Swapped it out with a fresh jdm b20, it started fine and ran well except for idling issues and random shake when lifting the accelerator.


Changed IAC, sparkplugs, fresh oil and Honda oil filter and got the timing and distributor checked.

Now the engine misfires everytime specially at low rpm, got the injectors serviced and boy they where awful. still the same misfire but engines got bit more power.


Checked cables, one has the boot a lil bit broken but works nice.

Fuel pump good, alternator good, changed fuel filter.

Still the same misfire.

No oil consumption, high compression, never been overheated and no coolant loss.

Is it that maybe the car doesnt like me? second time this happens to me.

Got a car with a slow, misfiring engine that shows no codes on ecu and everything is fine and healthy.


my mechanic will have a look into the ECU and chip it so he can see whats happening and will do a custom map to it.

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