Starting tomorrow, I’m going to begin reassembling the J2000's engine. Its in my dad’s garage, so while I was over there for dinner I went through the boxes of parts to better see what I have and don’t have.

I was happy to see the oil pump, since that’s a $125 or so part, and the associated cap for the remote oil filter...that saves me from having to buy a new remote filter setup since I’ve got the hoses and everything. I’ll need to replace the oil cooler, but that’s fine. I also found a custom welded alternator bracket, which is important because with my carbs the alternator would never fit in its stock location.

I hadn’t really given the cam box a look except to see that I had it, so I took a look at that and found interesting stuff at both ends:

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The name you can just about read there is Iskenderian, for Ed Iskenderian of Isky Cams. About the only number there I can use is the 112, which is likely the lobe separation. My buddy and I thought the 329 might be duration (which would make it a god damn monster, stock duration is 201), but I think that may be a part number since I’ve seen stuff like Z60 on other Isky cams. I’ll probably assemble the cam box onto the head and see if I can measure the lift and duration, I wouldn’t mind knowing that stuff for when I’m tuning it.

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Speaking of tuning, there’s an adjustable cam gear. Its an interesting one in that it seems to have a number of presets rather than just a gauge like modern ones. The cam and gear are probably 15-20 years old, so that’s not a surprise.

Stock rating on this engine is 84hp with a TBI setup and emissions junk on it. There’s a version of it on the Opel Rekord that made about 113hp. I think with the cam, header, ported head, dual carbs, flat top pistons and decked block I should be above that figure. I was originally just hoping for 100hp, but I’m thinking now 125 isn’t out of the realm of possibility.


Tomorrow I’m going to clean the block up and (probably) paint it Pontiac Blue, though I’m told there’s a snow storm coming so maybe not the best day to paint? Alternatively, its the PERFECT day to paint because Sunday I’ll have time to get the crankshaft in there if I paint tomorrow.

Regardless, engine progress will be made this weekend in some way.

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