Update: ICYWW here’s why I tore it open.

He’s dead, Jim. I got a new one from RepairClinic.com. Not the cheapest, but reliable and the extra price helps pay for the DIY help YouTube videos they make.

Update 2: New heating element even came with the insulator pad and thermostat. Nice! Already in place. Time to lubricate the main bearing since I’m in there and reassemble.


Bonus Subaru content since I’m halfway in the garage anyway


Final update: Back together in test mode with the lid off. Ran great so I finished putting it back together.

The orange glow means it’s heating.


Good as new. Only an hour of work (I’ve had this thing apart twice before) and saved $700 compared to buying a new one. So now I can buy my wife a shiny new iPhone next week (she’s been nursing along an iPhone 6 with a dying screen, dying battery, and dead sleep button) instead of having to shop for appliances.