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This car looked wicked fast on course, especially for a street class Miata. So I have mad respect for the driver and his autocross skills. But I always find things like this for the purpose of tire warming to be obnoxious. In general, the people running “street” class are definitely some of the most serious competitors out there. I always go to autocross just to have a fun time and improve my skills as a driver. I cant get into the competitive scene solely because the RE-71R is allowed in street class. It prices me out of the activity and makes me completely disinterested. Thankfully, I only care about fun so I am glad to do more events, especially since there are plenty of others who agree with my perspective. But I would enjoy the competition aspect more if the tire situation was better classed. Street class should be limited to all seasons in my opinion. Maybe some 400+ TW summers but to run anything else, you drop into other classes. I always think SCCA truly needs a “rental car” class or “actually street” class. When people trailer in a street car, it ruins the competitive fun to me.

Speaking of rental car class though...

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Surprisingly worked better than expected. I didnt really garner many fast times but at least I had fun and made good noises. It understeered a lot but application of the throttle brought the car around nicely. Thankfully there werent any long slaloms on this course so I didnt have major issues keeping decent lines. It took a solid 4 runs before I had the traction control and automatic transmission getting in my way problems sorted but that is par for the course with an unfamiliar car. Once locked into second gear for the whole run with the paddles and every traction nanny turned off and sport mode properly on, the car handled predictably and turned accurately. It took another couple of runs to dial in what was too little or too much throttle. But by my last two runs, I finally felt I could produce fast, clean runs.

I have a whole story regarding “Mopar quality” but I think this picture sums it up nicely:

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It was doing this before it was on course so whoever rented this before me has some explaining to do... Or Dodge just builds some real quality vehicles. Either way, not my problem anymore! 

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