• There is no such thing as being tone deaf!

Here’s some things you can find in the state tourism sites -

Oh look, White horse pictures cost double. State sanctioned racism has now infiltrated a whole new species!

At least the board faces outward so it doesn’t hurt the big horse’s feelings.

  • You can find a mini train by the lake. Wanna get some tickets?


Children...what now?!

  • Royal Enfield sells bikes here.


“Oh wow thanks for the bike, Mom!....what, I can’t have it unless I put a tramp stamp on it? But mom, I’m 38!”

  • You can’t buy Camaros, but you can ride a Camero that transforms into a rocking chair?


  • Sometimes you will see random Jeeps (or Mahindras) that you haven’t seen before.


And sometimes, an AMG GT that costs about $368k here (if you squint between the two cars in the potato pic).