If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

When you live in a war zone, but want to hit the twistys.

You can but this 2008 GTI


It lacking a 3rd pedal, but one will live.


Plenty of trunk space.


It has plenty of features:

  • Installation of High Performance Software
  • Full Turbo & Stainless Steel Back Exhaust System
  • Stoptec Brake Kit for increased braking ability
  • Suspension upgrades to boost performance in cornering and to handle the harsher road conditions in Nigeria
  • Cold Air Intake to help with Engine Heat
  • Upgrades improve Horsepower from a Base 200HP to approximately 275HP

It also has B6 Level protection with:

  • Vertical Panel Protection
  • Certified Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Roof Protection
  • Blast Protected Floor
  • Battery & CPU Protection
  • Reinforced or TAG made Door Hinges
  • Run Flat Tire Systems
  • Door Overlap Protection
  • Professional Interior Finishing
  • Upgraded Suspension Systems
  • Reinforced Braking
  • Partial Operational Driver Window

In the link it shows plenty of options including these to be like a German James Bond:

  • Nail/Tack Thrower
  • Shocking Door Handles
  • Emergency/Escape Hatch
  • Smoke Screen
  • Battering Ram Package

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