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So, we got a new Tar River BDR-165 Drum Mower... It recommends 30HP minimum, and after assembling it I tried it out with the 29HP Ford, the tractor has JUST enough power to spin it, but apparently my PTO clutch was slipping a little bit, maybe missadjusted, maybe worn, maybe just over loaded.... any way, first there’s the telltale smell of hot friction material... and I ignore it... one pass of the field will be fine...right?

*BANG* clunk-chunk....

uh oh...

It still works, I think I probably just detonated a single puck of the friction plate, but at the very least its un-balanced now :/

something like this, but hopefully not quite that bad....
or maybe it threw a spring...?

The friction plate’s not very expensive, but you have to split the tractor in two to replace it. and since we have a cab, we have to remove the cab too.



I think I’ll run it for the summer as long as I can, and maybe work on it over the winter.... provided I have a garage available by then.


What are the chances my transmission input shaft bearing blows?