You have to get creative with remodel ideas.

It is really fun to plan and all that hot jazz, but depending on how your foundation was set or whatever someone hacked together when they once owned it, you can’t always feasibly just, “move this here,” or, “lets just swap these,” which I find a little frustrating.


At this point with my bathroom, it is what it is, but can always put updated products in there and spiff it up nicely. I can’t really shuffle the toilet, shower, or sink, but I can get a banjo top, a glass shower door, and a framed mirror.

Unless I want to spend another $2000+ to bust out some of my foundation just to relocate the washer to a seemingly more logical area (we have a mudroom that does NOTHING and is set up for NOTHING), it must be in the bathroom. I don’t think $2000 is worth the cost of a mild convenience. So I’ll just get stackables and maybe build a little closet around them with pocket doors.

I wish I had more monies. I should have worked harder!