Tacomas in Colorado, in the right configuration, fetch an extra $3,000 for equivalent miles. Or, have 100,000 more miles for the same price. Of course they’re popular here. So at what point do you consider flying out to drive one back when looking at what can go wrong? I might be discovering that myself.

Even if I fly for free, a cheap ticket can be found, especially one-way, for those that don’t. So an extra 100 or 150 expense is planned on. Fuel cost to drive back at 20 mpg and an updated gold AAA membership for that 90 mile tow range should also be included. Not thinking about fast food, and a day’s drive, the costs could be $300 for a truck 800 miles away. Plug in an online hotel reservation and $350 is a good bet, not including a disaster.

So how much would you have to see in savings before triggering the fly n drive option for you? What else would you budget in there? The independent mechanic inspection? Could that be mitigated by buying only from a manufacturer dealer? What concerns would you have over what I listed and how much of a savings would you need to see to make it happen for you?