When the clerk said โ€œ39.25" I thought she made a mistake. Then I remembered it was a $100 car. They did have to double check with a higher up that the title I handed over was ok, because the odometer verification had been signed by somebody other than me back when the car was originally sold in 2010.

But since I filled in the area for the purchaser, which had been left blank in 2010, and explained that the guy who signed on the line for the odometer reading had passed away and I got the car from his estate, they sorted it out pretty quickly. So the $100 1968 SAAB is now legally mine.

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Got a moment to pull the sound deadening off the floor. Actually less rust than I expected given the huge quantity of rust chips that were covering the floor. Poked around with a screwdriver, and didnโ€™t find any new holes. The floor on this car is some seriously heavy duty steel.