When Your $200 Mini-PC Is Almost As Good As Your $800+ Gaming Build..

My ASRock Deskmini build can *almost* Ultra FSX. I’m not even running the optimized Steam Edition and I haven’t installed SP1 yet either. If this thing had a SSD it would probably be only slightly worse than my Ryzen gaming build.

I’ve had doubts when people said that a high CPU clock speed is the most important thing to have with a FSX build, but they’re right. The Pentium G4400 with its integrated Intel HD 510 and 4GB of RAM makes short work of FSX!


Here it is running Ultra. Eh, it seems to average only 20 FPS with lots of drops on Ultra.

Obviously, if we introduced a more current sim like X-Plane 11, the story would be much different. I don’t even think the mini PC could run XP11 on low everything. But, it’s nice to see that my mini PC is much more powerful than I thought!

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