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When Your Brand New Car Gets A Rebuilt Engine - The Podcast

Many people are shocked to learn that their “brand new” car will be given rebuilt or remanufactured parts under warranty. The problem is that this is explicitly allowed by the warranty itself.

I get called from time to time by car owners whose relatively new cars have had something huge go catastrophically wrong. Engines explode; transmissions fail. And when they take the car to the dealer, they freak out when they are told that their car will get rebuilt or remanufactured parts to replace the broken ones.


As I have to tell these people, the warranty booklet in your glovebox says they can do that. And you would have known that if you had read the booklet. Which almost no one ever does. I have written about this before and now it is the subject of my most recent podcast. Here is the audio:

And the video.

BTW, the top pic is what it would have looked like if Bobby Isaac beat Richard Petty and Ramo Stott to the line at Atlanta, back in the day. At speed, this is one where the official record would have said the margin of victory was “inches.”


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