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When your buffer image needs a buffer image

Technically my buffer gif came from a video that I decided was too inappropriate to post without a buffer image. Much as I fail to miss the personal updates full of infantile selfishness and melodramatic cries for attention. This place has been downright dull.

Graphic: he who lasted hosted it on their server holds the bag.... KINJA

The French news outlet L’Humanité ran a piece last weekend directly before the first rest day during the Tour De France. It was on the age old question of sex before athletic performance. With the TDF lasting better part of a month this is hardly saving up testosterone for a week before the big prize fight. Accompanying it was a racy cartoon which got writer and cartoonist in deep deux deux


The French have a long and tumultuous contest in the press to see who can best take piss out of the person in yellow leaders jersey. So, former female athlete and current television sports presenter [daily at the TDF] cheated with guy in yellow jersey while dating another pro cyclist... trois is always better than deux. Those coals have barely cooled and this cartoon arrives. Both parties are treated rather candidly with a large dollop of tongue in cheek humor. It was suitably embarrassing for all involved parties. Not quite Lance Armstrong levels of derogatory slanderous hate in the press. More lamenting the lack of French culture; Affairs, tawdry stories, people with lit cigarettes smoking them like sexual fiends, overly fashionable and attractive people serving as enjoyable entertainment by being more flawed than anyone else, so on and such forth.

[I will $%^&$%$&*%*% any (&)*&)(*^R$$ on the fp who steals this story.]

Graphic: he who lasted hosted it on their server holds the bag.... KINJA

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