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When your car has a known issue, but no recall, wut do?

Hi guys, as none of you know i finally replaced the shitbox ford! Similarly if anyone wants to buy a shitbox wonderful ford focus with 117k miles on it you know who to ask (its me, you ask me) Or a rusty lovely '00 jeep wrangler thats fucking awesome with only 200k on the clock.

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Anyway, i replaced it, them, all?, with a really nice '10 scion XD, and worn transmission mount bushings aside this thing is gorgeous. Except for one thing. On long, wet, cold, salty drives (which we never have here in upstate NY) the wheel speed sensors get borked and the ABS and traction control get disabled. This is made clear to me by two very bright very yellow warning lights on my dashboard (so THIS is what its like to have ABS, and traction control, and a modern car!).

This is a problem you see, because wet snowy cold salty conditions are precisely when you want ABS and traction control. Neat how that works huh? Anyway this is a know issue. The interwebs are full of threads, comments, complaints, bitching, etc. It can range from detailed explanations and analysis to "LIGHT COME ON BRAKES NO WORK WHY COME COLD?!?!?"

Just search in your confuser and youl find discussion about this going back to about 08. What are the answers? Well you go to your very competent toyota dealership and have 18 year old jimmy in the back replace your wheel speed sensor for like 600 dollars. Then that doesnt work so they claim its your wiring harness. 600 dollars later you have new wheelspeed sensors and new wires and every time it snows your ABS still gives up its shit. So what do? Can i complain at Toyota? Fucked ABS sounds like a great way to get more wrongful death suits, something noone wants right now. Maybe its just because not enough scion owners live in the great white north? Or maybe theyre all too busy rocking out to their pioneer sound systems and contemplating how many more ebay cold air intakes they could bot on (if one gives me 5 more HP, would 10 CAIs give me 50?) to notice? I dunno. I just wash my car and spray stuff with electronic component cleaner and/or carb cleaner (fuck i love carb cleaner, yankee candle needs a carb cleaner scented candle) and it goes away. But what a grand old pain in the ass.

SO yeah, Thoughts? Knowledge? considerations? Also if anyone knows how to change a transmission mount bushing i'd love the details. Cause the shift-shudder is getting unpleasant.

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