They pulled it out, then it drove back to town. 

Phase One of Operation Glacier Girl is in the books! The Cherokee made it to the street yesterday afternoon and I’m happy to report its resting comfortably on solid ground in Tahoe City.

By the time I reached the Cherokee around 2 pm all three rigs were parked in the staging area with Kevin, Mike and Gregg smiling and relaxing in the afternoon sun. The Cherokee made it all the way out under its own power, cool as a cucumber, needing a tug in only one tough spot. Credit Kevin who really knows how to wheel!

I failed to give them enough fuel and when they ran low Kevin and Gregg performed an in-flight refueling using the temporary aux fuel pump to take fuel from Gregg’s YJ and transfer it to the can strapped in the passenger seat in the XJ. Scott, Kenny and Nick arrived around 4, we lined up the rigs for a photo then headed down the access road to the street. Kevin literally drove that XJ like he stole it and we made the street in less than 20 minutes Everyone was out by 4:30.

Another amazing, fun filled, action packed day on the trail and other than one flopped jeep, one rimmed tire, one boy with a face full of fire suppressant, multiple winch operations out of black hole, tree wells it went pretty darn smooth. No injuries, some minor damage. These guys make big time snow wheeling look easy, which I can tell you it’s not. I can’t thank them and the others involved over the past four months enough.


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When Your Jeep Gets Stuck In The Snow, And It Keeps Snowing

And you have to wait until April to get it.


This Jeep is not in a hole, that’s snowfall.


I have not read the whole thread yet, but it sounds like it got stuck this winter, and multiple recovery attempts were foiled by multiple heavy snowfalls. Looks like they were finally able to get to it.