A week or so back cruising down the interstate (which is completely empty at 5:15 am) in the car, this brand new V6 Camaro comes up next to me and drops it. I ignored him the first time, then he lagged back and did a fly-by. I ignored him again. Then he drops back next to me and drops it again, tired of his shit, I dropped it as well. By 100 mph he was all the way at my back bumper. I let out and coasted back to 70, going back to cruising. He dropped behind me and just stayed there until I exited.

Fast forward to this morning: Coming up behind the same Camaro, as I start passing he decides to drop it again, until he looked over and saw it was the car that smoked him last week, he immediately lets out and goes back to cruising.

Not condoning street racing, but a little shaming is always funny, especially when it sticks. Even funnier when your “performance” car gets smoked by a 90s econobox.

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