And the guy who drove your truck into the otherwise empty shop comes out and whispers to the service advisor “do you know how to get off a stripped lug nut?”

I do not quite trust. But I haven’t got the truck back yet. Edit: Confidence is a little higher in these guys after getting the truck back)

I think I went to the wrong place. All I needed was tires balanced (I’m pretty sure I tossed a wheel weight last summer sometime... Lots of mud) and I didn’t think that could be too badly screwed up, especially at a chain franchise. But since I’ve been in here, the only other people who’ve come in are a guy whose locking lug nut key disappeared while in their care, a guy wanting a couple used tires for a trailer, and a guy who wanted them to also unbolt the fifth wheel rails in the bed but instead they took his running boards off. I think I know why this shop is empty.

In other news, I’m still looking for a rear door for my Jeep’s topper. I managed to track down the guy at the truck topper place and he took some measurements and struggled to do more than find me something that might work but wouldn’t be returnable if it didn’t and would cost me $500 but I wasn’t quite ready for a possibly maybe at that price.

Two ‘91 Comanches... I know right? His has less than half the miles and is in way better shape by mine’s better equipped.


Then, somehow, he remembered putting a cap on a Comanche back in ‘91, and looked the guy up and of course he still has the truck, because only a fool would get rid of an MJ. So I go to his workplace to check out the truck, and it’s the classic S10 cap that mostly fits but looks whack situation. They were both nice about it but ultimate not hugely helpful, despite their lack of trying.


He also had this super cool third brake light/cargo light setup. I’m jealous. I’ll have to try tracking something down when I finally get a door.

I made sure while I was in the city to pick up more wobbly pops and firewater, so at least while I wait for a ride back home after they screw up my truck too badly to drive I can get drunk and not care. It’s only 60 miles, maybe I could even walk. But I’m not sure I’ve only got a 12 and a 2-six so I’m not sure got quite enough for the whole trip. I just heard an impact absolutely nail a bunch of things down... hurgh...


Here’s to hoping I don’t have to walk or fix any lug nuts... Now they’re struggling to track down someone’s wheels that he ordered in and they called him to say they’re here... Wrong shop, wrong shop, wrong shop.

EDIT FOR UPDATE: After driving the truck the 60 miles home, I now have slightly more confidence in the shop. They gave me a mirror hanger reminding me to retorque my lug nuts to 75 lb-ft, and while there’s still a little vibration in the wheel on the road, it’s not much more than I get sitting parked, so I’ll call that a win for now. They also said everything else up there seemed tight and didn’t question the alignment (yeah, Preston Canadian Tire in Saskatoon who insisted 50,000 km ago when they installed the tires that I desperately needed an alignment and left one tire unbalanced, this is the third shop that says my tires are still wearing evenly despite no one having touched the alignment) But I don’t know if I’ll be going back to said shop... the dude adjusted my seat, despite it being an automatic and only having to drive it all of 100 feet...