And a fish bite's your knee, that's a Morey.

Except this time, it's a Stingray.

All the credit goes to my wife - while taking the Pony through the touch-less car wash, she spotted a Corvette getting gas. It pulled away ahead of my pulling out of the wash, and she tells me, "I just saw a new Corvette."

And I'm thinking she just spotted a nicely worked C6, but no, she insists. It's the new one. She says, "The new one. C7, I think."


Huh, I think. Probably from the GM dealership down the road. "Let's go look."

We hop in, drive down and see the above.

I turned to my wife, smiling and looked her in the eyes. I said, "If you weren't already married to me and knocked up with my kid, I'd marry you and knock you up all over again."


Then, the wonderful soul mate she is, waited patiently while I oooh'd and aaahh'd over the first production C7 I'd seen in the skin.


At $57k (CDN) the car had just arrived, and the buyer had just arrived in town likewise to pick up his car. I didn't get to pick his brain too much as he was busy being romanced by the salesman completing delivery, and I can't blame him. If some kid (in my 30's but this guy had to be late 50's) came up to paw over my new car, as I was picking it up, I'd probably brush him off, too.

Thankfully, the other salesman was only too happy to talk and had all the inside specs on this particular car. A base Stingray, it was, but still a beauty to behold.


I had to break away when the salesman, seeing my Mustang, started to try and talk me into a Camaro. I said, "The next car will be a GM product, friend. And it'll be a TS-V in either "A" or in "C"."

We went about our way and then, on the highway home, my wife spots something else, even before I do and asks, "Am I supposed to be taking a picture of that?"


"God, yes," I plead. Sadly we were already at speed.


But God almighty do I love my wife.