CB’s post got me thinking about top speeds. I’m intimately aware of those mystical triple digit numbers in my 95 Miata and 08 Outback, but my 01 Ranger is another story. Luckily, we have the wise souls over at the Ford Ranger Forums to help out! Read on, and next time a Ranger pulls up next to you, get the eff outta the way!

Disclaimer: my Ranger is an 01, as base as can be (rwd, 4 cylinder, no options, no power anything) with a ladder rack supporting a 20, and 24 foot ladder on one side, and a 16 and 28 ft ladder on the other. I try to keep it below 65mph, but I may occasionally hit 75 on accident, before seeing my life flash before my eyes and slowing down as quick as possible without upsetting the precarious nature of the unwieldy, two left-footed beast of a vehicle. The thought of “maxing out” the speedo, or trying to hit a top speed in my Ranger is absolutely terrifying. I’m a thrillseeking daredevil through and through, but put bluntly... F*ck that!

3 years, and this is my only truck picture. Guess who gets all the attention?

Undeterred, I decided to press onward on my search for knowledge, utilizing the all knowing, omnipotent machine spirit created by the Emporo—er wait... I mean... I looked online! For some strange reason, it seems like no professional outlets tested the Ranger’s top speed. Imagine that. But not to worry. A quick Google search turned up some helpful forum results... Provided below with commentary for your viewing pleasure.


I’m actually not even going to touch this one. All you Oppo. Do me proud.

All those hardworking “fleet truck owners”, the shining light of the automotive world, the smiling men and women earning a living with nothin’ but their hands, a beacon of hope reminding us of a bygone age where to be a craftsman was the highest calling? This is their true form. Honda racer bois the world over, quiver in fear for you have no idea what is about to occur. The Rangers are coming.


Some vehicles are completely unfazed at 90, 100, or even 120 mph. Those of you who believe a 4 cylinder ranger to be one of them, feel free to test drive mine anytime (with proof of insurance).


“Ford Ranger”

“On a track”



I just want to take a step back and remind everyone that we’re currently on a Ford Ranger Forum discussing top speeds. Okay, back to the action

This man is why you get the pre purchase inspection when buying off Craigslist.


Ha! It started off good, so you thought you were safe! Okay, that’s it for now.

I never did figure out what the top speed for my Ranger is, but you know what? I’m cool with that. Goodnight Oppo. And remember, Mustangs aren’t the only Ford’s you have to worry about!