So I got my motorcycle license earlier this year, been practicing on a 200cc scooter, and some more on my friend’s R6. I LOVE his R6 which is why I’m kind of leaning towards either it or an R1, but I’m open to all brands as long as it’s over a 600cc. I’m a bigger guy (6’3 249lbs)

Unfortunately due to full time work/school I haven’t had much time for any activities other than watching a ton of internet porn and furiously downing tasty alcoholic beverages, so I’ve put off buying one so that I could save up enough cash and just buy outright from a private seller versus going through a dealer.

Now down to the business, when is the best time of year to purchase? Now? Middle of winter? Close to Spring? Bike prices seem to have gone down the past couple weeks (I’m in Minnesnooowwwddda so winter is right around the corner) but I can’t help but think that the prices will go down even more during winter. The only issue I see with buying during winter is the fact that the roads will be covered in several inches of salt and sand, so even if there isn’t any snow on the ground, a “test drive” is highly unlikely during winter. Lastly, should I wait until spring to buy? I wasn’t looking at prices then, but I can only logically hypothesize that prices would skyrocket around that time.


Any and all advice is welcome, I’m sure I’ll get the “don’t get anything over a 500 for your first bike” answers, but bear in mind that I’m a big guy, and I’ve got about 30-40 hours riding time on my friends R6 (which is a relatively low amount of time I know), and my budget is $2,000-$3,000 so nothing too crazy, once I have some more riding time I’ll worry about buying something nicer like a newer model bike.

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