I’m not arguing that there aren’t a bunch of Tesla 3s out there. But, Tesla claims it sold 371,000 between the beginning of production in 2017 through September 2019.

That’s a big number, so I think there should be some used ones for sale. But there really aren’t.

Look at these searches on Autotrader. They are nationwide for all years, all cars, and no restrictions except the model.


The Model 3 has been in production since 2017. They claimed to have sold 300,000 last year along, with 150,000 to North America.

Here are the number of cars available in the U.S.:

Here are the total number of Porsche Taycans for sale:


So where are all the Tesla 3s that investors were told have been sold?

Also, here are the results for the BMW 3 Series since 2017:



To try and get closer to an Apples to Apples, here are all the Audi e-Tron’s for sale:

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