Where can I find tall, narrow, all terrain tires in the U.S.?

So far I’ve found the Federal Couragia AT 195/80/R15:

Which seems to be about it. It’s about the maximum height a stock Saab 96 will take, and it’s already too wide for full-lock steering, but there doesn’t appear to be anything narrower (all terrain or mud terrain) for 15" wheels.


It’s also too wide for the Saab’s super skinny stock 4" wide steel rims. It should just fits on the wider Sonnet rims I have though, so 195 is the widest I can hope to go without making some custom wheels.

I know even just a few years ago there were other 195 R15 AT tires available (because I’ve seen them used on VW buses) but don’t know whether they’re available anywhere anymore.

IF not... anybody have experience with Federal tires? They seem pretty cheap... but I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t expect the Baja Saab will be taken out very often and it’s not like it will actually be raced.

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