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Where Can Tesla Sell Cars? [Updated Map]

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Tesla, maker of the most efficient electric vehicles, is nearing an important victory in New Jersey. A bill allowing direct sales of Tesla cars has passed in the NJ House and Senate. Now the Fate of Tesla in NJ falls on Gov. Chris Christie's ample shoulders.


Last year, Tesla was forced to stop selling vehicles at two dealerships when the Motor Vehicle Commission ruled that the company's dealer licenses were improperly issued. As our infographic shows, Tesla is banned from selling cars directly to consumers in 25 states, not including New Jersey. We're just assuming that Gov. Christie is going to pass the bill rather than go against his legislature.

Georgia and Texas, among other states, are also pushing to legalize direct sales. At this point, Tesla has very limited sales, and so do other electrics for that matter. But this is changing, and soom Tesla will begin cutting into the profits of the big boys. If Tesla continues to gain traction and starts opening up dealerships around the country, you can expect manufacturers and dealers to put up a fight.


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