I ran out of bolts. That’s where it’s at.

Pro tip: If you’re ever thinking of trying to install a radiator support in one of these AFTER putting the fenders somewhat-on, DON’T. Take the fenders off and do it the right way.


It was a frigging struggle fest getting it in place on both sides, I had to loosen nearly ALL the bolts holding the fenders on. Like, 3 each. Big whoop, but still. That’s a lot of heavy metal in place fighting heavy metal being placed.

Also I am almost sure I have the new rad. support mounts in wrong, but I don’t care. I couldn’t find a good enough picture on Google at 10PM in my cold garage last night.


But it IS in.


I bolted the fenders back on, installed a BUNCH of bolts that were missing, ran out of those too, and was short 4 bolts I swear I had for the hood.... not that I was going to put it on last night anyways...


I got tired.

Hood tonight.

Or tomorrow.

I have more bolts now.