Alright, so there's some 60 million people living in the UK and I assume there should be quite a lot of cars, all shapes, ages and sizes for sale at any given time. However, I am stuggling to find them. Autotrader seems to be referenced as the biggest site, but they don't have many cars older than ca. 2000. Ebay has some, but these are mostly cars sold by enthusiasts i.e they're often overpirzed and/or chavved out. Gumtree has a few, preloved has a few, Car and Classics have quite a bit, but their focus lies in classics. Craigslist has some, but it doesn't differentiate between Manchester, UK and Manchester, USA.

Basically what I am saying is, where are all the late 80's and 90's cars hiding? There seems to be a gap in my searches here.