Where do I go for tech specs on my car?

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2012 Mazda5. I’ve been looking for a service manual online but haven’t found one for my MY yet, only one for a 2014 which is almost identical mechanically but not the same when it comes to wiring and such. I’m looking for somewhat obscure stuff like how the rear window gets washer fluid and what is the mechanism for the parking brake, things I should be able to find in the manual. I’d rather just buy one manual rather than grabbing the 2014 manual for the mechanical stuff and then trying to find a 2012 manual for wiring.

I also like more details on my engine. I think it’s the L5-VE version of the MZR but I’m not certain. Does it have balance shafts? DI? VVT? Etc.


EDIT: Just found a digital version of the service manual on eBay that covers the 2010-2015 MY vehicles, so I should be able to find much of what I need in there. But I still want the nitty gritty engine details if I can find them.

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