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Where do we draw the line on distracted driving?

I'm writing this to gather information regarding others' opinions of just what constitutes distracted driving. For example, something we can all agree on: Typing a txt message while a vehicle is moving is distracted driving and endangers everyone else on the road. However, is it OK to stop at a red light and quickly read any txt messages that have come in while driving? (I do this often, putting the phone down as soon as the light is green) I'm thinking that even this in certain situation could be dangerous as I am no longer paying attention to the environment surrounding my car.

Here is the real question for me... I know a few friends that use the Android / Iphone speech to txt feature while driving. They believe that since they are simply talking to the phone, not looking at it, or pressing any buttons, and their eyes are on the road that this does not constitute distracted driving. That's where things get blurry for me. On the one hand true, eyes on road, all is seemingly in order. BUT. Ultimately at some point you had to hit at least one or two buttons to get into the speech to txt mode and were distracted for those moments. No? What about when a txt pops up on the main locked screen of a phone? You glance over to read the 3 words? Acceptable?


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