Guys, I like to think of myself as having a pretty decent Oppo car collection.

As my name says, I've got a '69 Chevrolet Corvair Monza. I've also got my Jaguar, an '84 XJ-12 Sovereign, and an '03 Honda Civic which is bone stock with a stick. All pretty decent Oppo cars, right?

But not compared to this guy up the road from me.

He's got a Peugeot 505:

A Porsche 968:



Not actually his cars, naturally.

The 968 is a recent addition I believe, he used to have an early 2000s 911 over there, and occasionally there's a Mercedes SLK that shows up.

But really, this person has to be on Oppo or at least Jalopnik, right? Their taste in cars is obviously excellent, they belong here. Maybe I should drop off a pamphlet? Knock on the door and say "excuse me, can I have a few minutes of your time to talk to you about Oppo?" while holding a copy of Doug DeMuro's book and wearing a name tag that says "Brother Corvair-Monza" on it?


I need to know this person's story.