I’ve started planning for Drive-cation 2017, and my preliminary route would add two states (KS and OK) to my life list of states that I’ve visited (32 so far). So, which states have you been to, Oppo? Whether you drove in them, had a stopover on an airline, set one foot in, whatever, fill out this map and then post your results in this thread. Sorry, flyover states don’t count.

Update: I had to update my map, 1) to remove NV—I thought I had been there but I hadn’t; 2) to add the rest of the northeast states. My father, aside from being an inveterate traveler, is also obsessed with keeping lists of his travels and making sure he has been to every state in his lifetime (he has). He counts license plates daily and keeps a total in his head of the states he’s seen. When we took a month-long driving vacation to the Canadian Atlantic Provinces, we left VA and he made a point of making sure that we at least touched RI and CT so he could check them off his list. We also hit NH on that trip.