Where Is Stef? There's a Parshtreon for That Now

Photo: Dave Engelman

A few people on here asked if I had a Patreon, so I made one. Rather, I made a parshtreon—because let’s be honest, that’s what it’s really funding. I promise to spend any cash sent my way as irresponsibly as humanly possible. Alternately, if you just need to see what I’ve written lately (and you do), I’ll be rounding up the list of links there, too.


In exchange for funding my poor vehicular decisions, there is a parshletter with otherwise unpublished takes on cars, Puffalumps, food, or even random life stuff in general. I’d also like to open the parshletter up for questions, and since the first one’s going to be the public example post up anyway, I guess I’ll ask here. Ask me anything, and I’ll answer it in the first parshletter.

Up further in the parshtreon tiers are bonus posts where I try strange, new and/or painful foods, personalized burnouts, team shirts and a few obvious gags. (I will uphold my end of the $917/mo. deal and send a postcard from the ‘Ring, though, just in case.)

I’m still freelancing, so that means my work is still scattered all over. If you just want to find out where I’ve been writing, bookmark the Patreon page as I’ll be throwing up a list of links each week as a public post.

[UPDATE 3/19]: Your answers are here!

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