I know everyone has their own idea of paradise, for a car nut it involves smooth, winding, traffic free roads.

The reality of it is thought, picking a place to live requires a lot more thought than "how nice are the roads?". In the real worlds adults have to deal with things like taxes, local economy, location (how far from available work, stores, etc), weather (does it rain 340 days out of the year?, average temp, etc), and much much more.

Being an automotive enthusiast, things like road conditions, population density, and weather patterns come into play (because lets face it, owning a car you can only drive 3 months out of the year sucks). So I thought to myself that maybe we could put together a comprehensive list of areas that are great places for car people to live, but not just based solely on car related reasons (because southern CA is a great place to go driving but the taxes might literally kill you...).

As per me; I chose the desert.


Great roads, some decent driving roads, lots to do, no state income tax, and a relatively low cost of living. On the bad side of it, its hot, there isn't much water, dealing with the massive influx of tourists can be a PITA, and it's HOT...

So Oppo, what place(s) would you recommend and why?