...there is light. Well, maybe not actual light, per se, but 5V USB power that could be used to make light. I suppose.

So yeah, my USB port project is complete!

My evening started out with a bit of worrying, because I couldn’t figure out why no power was being delivered through my relays. I eventually realized, of course, that I had to wire the relay feed lines to the battery. Which is what I had set out to do in the first place...

And my evening ended with sparks when a hot wire pulled itself free of a crimped connector! No damage was done, no young children were electrocuted to death. A new connector was crimped on with extreme prejudice and many turns of electrical tape, and everything is fine now.


Somewhere in that mess is some 4-gauge cable and a fuse panel...

It’s been nearly an hour somce everything was wired up, and the truck has yet to burn up, so I think we’re ok.