Where should a car's brakes be?

Specifically i’m asking about the calipers. As I crawled to work on the highway this morning, I started noticing that the calipers on different vehicles were located at different locations. (infront of the axle, behind it, slightly above horizontal, even with axle or below. Is there any benefit from having the brakes either before or after the axle? Does it have something to do with the type of suspension? Is it just a case of ‘this is where it fits so that is where it goes’. I thought that maybe there is some physics involved that when the brakes are engaged it would effect braking ability / handling / grip or something (like if the brake is behind the axle, the disc is to some point pushing up on the caliper where as in front it would pull down on it and that would have effects on the car cuz science) so whats the deal?


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