Fuck you USPS. I selected 3-day shipping, but no package yet even though it’s the 5th day. Guess my dad isn’t getting his present this Christmas.

I’m fairly certain the package is lost in the mail. Tracking info hasn’t updated since Monday, and various online sources have indicated that “In Transit to Destination” is just an automatically generated status that appears after the package has been unresponsive for 24 hours.

Tried calling customer service but the Reps keep insisting it’s still on time and not lost. Apparently 3-day shipping actually means “hopefully 3-day, but it could be as late as 5 days after the shipping date.” And because it didn’t actually ship until the second day, It’s now going to be 6 days before they admit their fuckup.

I also can’t file a claim until January 2nd because USPS forces you to wait 15 days after the shipping date. Thanks for the fucking Christmas cheer assholes.


Anyone have any experience with tracking down a (probably) lost package?