Mrs McMike has had more tire trouble on this set of tires than I have ever had in 25+ years of driving. It’s either road debris, bad valve stems, or screws/nails.

I had fired up the compressor yesterday afternoon to top off the tires on the motorbike, and decided to check pressures in whatever tires I could reach with the hose. When I squatted down in the driveway to check her LF, I saw this.

I knew that she hadn’t been driving on the shoulder (or construction sites, nail factories, etc...) when I asked that question. It’s was just yet another puncture, and I had to jokingly ask it.

It wasn’t deep enough to completely puncture the tire, but I felt it was deep enough to plug it anyways.


Here’s the “WTF” one from last year. I was doing the same thing the evening before she left on a road trip, and found this.


Here are some others.