Where to buy legit game keys without paying full retail

For some reason, some codes for DLC that I bought on eBay years ago have been disabled by EA. They sent a BS explanation as to why they did what they did, and when I questioned some of the rather ambiguous terms used in their message that didn’t correlate to the contents of their terms of service I was told that I was in violation and that they now consider the matter closed.

Fuck that. There are two things at work here. One, I have a hard time paying full retail for DLC for a program that is approaching a decade old. Secondly, I want to know how to avoid making the same mistake in the future. EA certainly doesn’t want to help since they want me to shell out $20 per on these add-ons. Will the Steam add-on work with the version of the program registered with Origin? Where can I buy a legitimate version of the DLC that won’t put the rest of the software on Origin at risk.


There’s something to be said for having a physical disc and code, and not being forced into online only purchases. And being able to buy and sell unused software instead of making it a one-time purchase. If you must make it single use, especially for ancient software, lower the price instead of gouging your customers for every last penny.

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