You know if I’m posting about Kia then I’m going to blow your minds. I wanted to be the first to let all of you know about an odd detail in the 2017 Kia Cadenza that many reviewers won’t notice. Not only that, I’m going to give you the logical reason for the seemingly absurd decision as well!

There is this “phenomenon” in Kias that I call the Kia Quirk (which I’ll write a larger post explaining in the future). Think of it as a way of hiding the areas a company is cutting costs while using initial buyers as test subjects. Every automaker does it, but the Kia brand has become so skillful with implementing the technique that Hyundai (and it looks like Genesis) are stealing that advantage and adding it into their vehicles. But that topic is for another post, let’s get into this soloist’s Cadenza!

Have a look at this interior:

Not too shabby, in fact I’d argue the correct amount of shabs were used. Right in between a commodity car and a luxury car. A nice “upscale/upmarket” interior. What do you think of that quilted leather on the seat bolstering? Sort of odd to see when the seats though when the seats dont have the slightest amount of sport or aggressive in the bolstering. Actually it’s quite odd when you remember how the interior of the 2016 Kia Optima SX-L appears:


Kia made a huge fuss over the 2016 Optima SX-L’s diamond quilted seats. Curious that the more premium Cadenza would use the opposite technique. Personally, my ol’ skool brain automatically sees center-set quilted Nappa leather as some Bentley-ass swank and it just screams, “Dat dank doe!” In fact, looking at the seats I would say the Optima is the higher end car (until you look at the door panels, doors always reveal a cars true market).

Well let’s look at the rear seats of the 2017 Kia Cadenza.


Pretty boring, they look like the rear seats in every large sedan since the 90s. I like that little bit of quilted leather they give you on the...hey, wait a gitdim minute!! *** “Gary, rewind that image!!” ***

*vrrrweehoowehoowehoowehoovreee* (that’s the sound stuff used to make when you would rewind them).


*** “Gary, squint and enhance!!” ***

Where in the frowny face is the quilted leather on the inside bolsters?!! Did they just leave it at the factory to hand out to dealers as sample splotches?? Is that a motherhugging “option” now? Dafaq iz dis?!!! *** “Gary, are you looking at this ‘ish??” ***


I know what you’re about to ask, “Waffles, why come Credenza don’t seat all quilted?” (Google search phrasing). Well, unlike the rest of this post, I’ll answer that succinctly!

Kia believes that quilted leather may hold up better to the violent ingress and egress of mostly American buyers, especially since everyone wears Canadian dress slacks (or “jeans” to the layman). Well since you only roll over one side of the seat to get in and out of the vehicle, and Americans don’t pay attention to anything in the rear seats of sedans past “can I fit behind myself,” Kia is using the Cadenza as a real world tester for this idea. If reviewers don’t notice and initial feedback shows the leather holding up well then you may see this idea trickle into all their cars.

But if this technique really works well then we may start seeing quilted bolsters replace the use of heavier leather on the door-facing sides of seats. So if the top trim of the next generation Kia Rio has quilted leather bolsters, you’ll know it’s a practicality play that only appears to be a poor luxury play!


“But why wouldn’t they just make it symmetrical and put the quilted bits on the other side of the damn seats!” That’s the Kia Quirk, my friend.

That’s the Kia Quirk.