12 years ago I was in grade 8, around 9:30am I sat in Political Studies and the vice principal told all students to return to their home rooms immediately. We sat for 15 minutes waiting for our home room teacher to come to the class. She informed us that the United States was most likely under attack by someone and that planes had been hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York as well as the Pentagon and possibly other planes too. She was understandably frantic and said that we were all being sent home, if our parents weren’t home we were to go to a friend’s house and that the school was in the process of sending a phone message to all homes.

I hurried home and my mom was cleaning the house, having no idea, I told her that “some World Trade Center in the US had been hit by an airplane and other hijackings were happening” (at that point in my life I had never heard of these buildings). I turned on the TV to see, I believe as it happened, the south tower come down. My mom was in absolute shock. I think I stood in front of the TV for an hour or more before sitting, I didn't really understand how something like this could have happened, but I remember thinking that the US was, or at least would be, at war and knew 'they' would pay.

To this day the events of 9/11 piss me off and sicken me, and I sit here with tears in my eyes.