Where You At? OPPO Map Early Week Post

Started a map in which you may choose to add your location. We have a pretty diverse crowd here on OPPO, and its nice / interesting to see who is near you.

There are some known issues which are being worked out with Google support team.

Issue 1: You should be allowed to add your location no matter what. The issue is that the map will not let you add yourself unless you are signed into a Gmail account.


Issue 2: Some people still can not add themselves into the map, even when signed into a Gmail account. A number of people have found various workarounds to this. The first place I suggest is the address bar; for some reason the link is auto changing the word "edit" to the word "view" (here: /map/edit?mid). If you see the word view, try changing it to "edit" first. Other people have got this to work by opening the same map in two separate windows, and just sheer luck closing and re-opening the map.

To go to the map, click this link

Once in the editable map, click the pin logo (underneath the search bar), zoom into your location, click the map to place your pin, and then add your username in the box.

If you are having issues with any of this please feel free to leave me a comment bellow.

For more info on bug work around by others, here is the original post. Feel free to scroll through the comments for help.

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