As some may know, I’ve been battling a non-running Alfa Romeo GTV6 for several months. After doing everything suggested by the AlfaBB crew, I decided to start over - AGAIN - with the basics. After checking compression, visually verifying spark, bypassing various failure-prone components, etc. I decided to drain the gas tank and refill with fresh gas.

I drained about 2.5 gallons.

Maybe three weeks prior I’d put in almost 5 gallons.

The car has only been cranked, with occasional starting, but not driven. I can go at least 60 miles on 2.5 gallons of gas.

So - where did it go? There are no leaks. I don’t think it’s possible for that much fuel to be pumped through the injectors, even if all six were somehow stuck open (which WOULD explain the start stall, if the cylinders were flooding after a few seconds).

I even dropped the banjo bolt from the tank and emptied the hoses. No gas hiding anywhere.

This is sorta weird, y’all. But I think it means something with regard to the car’s condition.