Recently, I ran a post asking where the best place to buy Hot Wheels was. The consensus was pretty much a reluctant Wal-Mart, followed by Target. (With Toysrus being everyone's least favorite.)

So now I'm wondering where your favorite place is that's not a run of the mill big box store. Where's your favorite "secret" spot to pick up Hot Wheels? Is it a certain hobby store? Or a mom and pop business that you wandered into one day?

For me, my favorite place is O'Reilly's. The amount of cars is almost always extremely small. Sometimes even less than 15-20 models. The selection, however, is usually surprisingly varied. With the same cars you might come across in the endcap of a Wal-Mart or K-Mart but in different colors and occasionally something unexpected. At my last trip I found a Matchbox 60th Anniversary Evo X police car and a Hot Wheels "Cool Classics" Chevy Camaro Concept in "SpectraFrost".

So what's your favorite out of the way place to pick up Hot Wheels? What sweet finds have you managed to come across?