Please indulge my stream of consciousness moment, fellow Opponauts. We talk a lot about superlatives here regarding cars and drivers, but what about customers? I was thinking back to college when I worked at a Saturn dealer in RI as a service writer, and recall the sales staff would have a get-together one evening at the end of the month for folks that had bought new cars that month. Now Saturn had a different way of doing things, so this kinda fit the profile. Thing is, after a while they noticed the same people kept showing up month after month for the free food & drinks. Even those that had bought used Saturns from us; one sales guy told me he’d seen the same guy & his wife show up 3 months in a row. Eventually the sales manager put the kibosh on it, and a good thing came to an end. Continuing with the “cheap basturd” theme, I had a few customers show up in service with no money on hand expecting to get their cars fixed. (without knowing if the fix was covered under warranty) When I explained they’d owe us for the diagnostic time if the fix wasn’t under warranty, I got blank stares. “Bbbbut it’s gotta be covered under the warranty!” Yeah, no... it doesn’t. After a while I realized being cheap was just part of the Saturn owner DNA. This can't be specific just to one brand though; what other makes have crappy customers?